Create a New Organisational Learning Culture using Microsoft Viva Learning

Sooner or later your organisation will have to join the new organisational learning culture that Microsoft Viva Learning is making possible. So, why not learn about Microsoft Viva Learning in today’s article. We have all used one form of Learning Management System (LMS) or other to manage how we engage and deliver training to our employees.

I would answer that question? Microsoft Viva Learning has taken the engagement and delivery of training a step further with a central hub for learning in Teams where you can share, recommend, and learn from content libraries across your organisation to empower teams and individuals to make learning a natural part of their day How about you?

In this short article, we synthesize the information about Viva Learning from Microsoft websites to introduce you to Microsoft Viva Learning, as a central hub where engaging learning can take place by making access to content libraries from multitude of training providers readily available to your employees.

Microsoft Viva Learning could be described as a learning hub from Microsoft, and included as part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform. Viva Learning empowers organisations to create a new learning culture by providing their users access to libraries of learning content from within the Microsoft Teams in the main. Employees can access learning contents from a variety of sources and course providers from a single place.

As part of the Microsoft Viva employee programme, Microsoft makes content from Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training website automatically available in Viva Learning. Subscribers will also have free access to a set of 125 courses from LinkedIn Learning. In addition, Viva Learning can integrate with a selection of third-party content providers such as Pluralsight, Udemy, etc and learning management systems.

In other words, Viva Learning is the new learning hub for making learning readily available to an an organisation’s workforce.

In Viva Learning Overview video, Microsoft starts by asking, “what if learning requires multiple apps?” And other questions to highlight the pain points in current learning tools, then goes on to unveil Viva Learning as the solution with simple clicks. Interesting as getting started with Viva Learning is quite simple.

To start using Viva Learning in your organisation, you can find the app in Teams. And then follow these simple steps to make it available to your employees. In the Teams left navigation, select the ellipses (…) and search for Viva Learning. Then right click or select and hold Viva Learning in the search results and choose Pin. You are then ready to configure the search features to make courses from those variety of sources mentioned above in Section 1 available to your organisation users.

Viva Learning brings you social learning by allowing you to crowdsource your learning. It makes it easier for you to find and share learning content with co-workers. You can find and share learning content in Teams, in a 1-to-1, in a group chat, or in a channel post. To share content with a group, you can also pin the learning content in the Learning tab (a process where you can add a tab and select learning from the tab gallery) of a channel.

Making learning a shared and collaborative team activity can help encourage team members to learn and develop their personal learning goals that are aligned to team business objectives, making Viva Learning a powerful tool for overall user adoption of the Microsoft 365 system.

With Viva Learning, you can organise your learning journey by pinning Viva Learning in the Teams left rail to quickly browse and search for learning content and manage content recommendations. It thus helps you to create and prioritise your learning journey based on topics of interest, course provider, or duration of courses. You can have courses assigned to you, or content that you had bookmarked for later, or recommended to you by your peers.

Viva learning enables to add courses directly to your Outlook Calendar ensuring that you have a dedicated time on your calendar and so don’t miss any training time.

Viva Learning engages users by integrating the flow of work into the platforms the users already use over three main experiences – learner, manager, and administrator experiences. By incorporating learning into everyday work, the user is able to create a personalised view of their learning as outlined in a previous section. And as the user continues to search for and complete more training, more content are recommended for them to reflect their interests.


Use cases for a general learner under Viva Learning include:

  • Easily find learning opportunities provided by their organization.
  • Browse courses from Microsoft and third-party content providers.
  • Search for specific learning content that appeals to the user or supports their career goals.
  • Share relevant, interesting, and important learning content with their team members or groups in a Microsoft Teams chat or channel.
  • Organize their custom selections of learning content in Microsoft Teams channels and tabs.
  • Bookmark courses they’re interested in.
  • Play LinkedIn Learning courses in the embedded player without leaving Microsoft Teams.

As a manager, a user can keep their team engaged and up to date with necessary without the need to coordinate learning across platforms as Viva Learning takes care of that through its integration features. So, leaving a manager to focus on recommending learning content to individual members of their team, share content, and tract the reported completion status of learning that they’ve recommended.

As an administrator, a user should be able to use Viva Learning to do the following subject to the right permissions:

    • Administer Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft 365 global admin or SharePoint admin
    • Knowledge admin

Microsoft makes content from Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training website automatically available in Viva Learning. Subscribers will also have free access to a set of 125 courses from LinkedIn Learning. In addition, Viva Learning can integrate with a selection of third-party content providers such as Pluralsight, Udemy, etc and learning management systems.

Where do you get training for Microsoft Teams?

To get the real benefits of revolutionising your learning using Microsoft Viva Learning, we believe that training is key, both for your business users and your administrators. So, to make Microsoft Viva Learning work for you and turn your organisation into a truly learning organisation get the proper training on how to use Microsoft Viva Learning, who should be creating and managing learning content, and learn from how other similar organisations have used Viva Learning.

Also getting the right partner to help with the adoption of Microsoft Viva Learning as a learning hub in your organisation will make a big difference to how successful you are in using it in your company. And this where Agile SharePoint comes in. Go ahead to the next section to read how we can help you maximise your investment in Microsoft Viva Learning as a central learning hub for your organisation and its employees.

How Agile SharePoint Can Help ?

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We are a trusted Microsoft partner; we help organisations increase their productivity through effective use of the best technology.

By focusing on strategy, development, process, and enablement, we partner with medium-sized to enterprise organisations to transform their businesses for the good through the proper implementation of information systems.

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