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  • Create a New Organisational Learning Culture using Microsoft Viva Learning

    Sooner or later your organisation will have to join the new organisational learning culture that Microsoft Viva Learning is making possible. So, why not learn about Microsoft Viva Learning in today’s article.

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  • Communicating and Collaborating using Microsoft Teams

    Many organisations are making Microsoft Teams the hub at the centre of their workplace. How about you? Where do your employees go every day to meet, call, chat, and collaborate?
    In this short article, we introduce you to Microsoft Teams, as a hub where your workforce can connect, engage, and deliver daily for your organisation, no matter where they are.

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  • Introducing Data-driven Decision-making using Power BI

    What percentage of your organisation’s decision making is data-driven? That was the question I that dropped in my mind recently during a training session with a group of users in a healthcare setting on how to use reports and dashboards to help their decision making. I wonder how you my dear reader would answer that question. And that is the subject of our thoughts today, how much of your decision-making is data-driven? And did you know how well Power BI can help you in doing so?

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  • Installing and Using Microsoft 365 Components

    Today, we examine consider Microsoft 365 from an operational viewpoint by explaining the technical aspects of installing and using Microsoft 365 components, where the tyre hits the road, to coin a phrase. It is largely aimed at the technically-minded user.

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  • Introducing Microsoft 365 to the Business User

    In our first thought of the week, we looked at Microsoft 365 from a strategic viewpoint for a business decision-maker outlining the five things that a business must consider before deploying Microsoft 365

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  • 5 Things Businesses Must Consider Before Deploying Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 has become ubiquitous and therefore essential for most businesses for use every day as their office applications such as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation to name a few. 

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